Web Development

Experienced web developer, comfortable with front-end, back-end, or full-stack applications. Proficient in MEAN & MERN stack projects, as well as cloud-based platforms like AWS and Azure, but comfortable working with other languages, frameworks, and databases.


I'll help you design your application from conception to completion. I'm experienced with UI/UX design, various modeling strategies to help realize your vision prior to creation, and accessibility needs & responsive design.


All my code will be designed with security in mind from conceptualization onwards to ensure that your application follows the latest standards and procedures for securing code and web applications.

Breadth of Knowledge

I have a Bachelor's in Computer Science, where I concentrated on Software Engineering. I also have a Master's in Library/Information Science and a Bachelor's in Secondary Education. The point is - I've learned a lot of lessons (research skills, collaboration, conflict resolution, public speaking) that will enable me to help you succeed.

Recent Projects

ShopIt Ecommerce

ShopIt Ecommerce Site

Javascript, Express.js, React, Redux, Node.js, MongoDB - Shopping website for tech products that can be customized for any shopping experience/client. Fully-functioning checkout process, user authentication, admin functionality (add or edit products, users, or orders with ease), keyword search for products, includes pagination, and more.

Travel Agency

Traveleez Travel Agency

Javascript, Express.js, Angular, Node.js, MongoDB - Travel Agency platform that helps you find, plan, and book your next dream getaway. Also contains administrator single-page application for adding, editing, and deleting trips.

Quiz Site

Quizzler - A Crowd-Sourced Knowledge Platform

Javascript, Angular, Docker, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway, DynamoDB - Enjoy the social media upvote potential of Reddit, but want to study while you're at it? This application crowd-sources questions and answers, allowing users to upvote and downvote answers.


Smart Thermostat

C, Programmable Microprocessor - Created the code for a smart thermostat that allows the board to sense the temperature, user to adjust desired temperature, turns on an indicator when heat is running, and sends this information to a cloud server.

Discord Bot

No-Spam Bot for Discord Servers

Python, Web Hosting - Created 24/7 uptime bot that automatically detects certain message parameters and deletes or moves those messages to appropriate channel along with a message to the user that their message was removed.

3D Graphics

OpenGL 3D Scene

C++, OpenGL - 3D scene to show off some of the power of visual graphics through programming. Features various textures, shapes, and camera control tools.